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Slowcom Gangrun East Asia Hotel Guangzhou, 珠江河畔と十里商富の称がある長堤繁華街の中心に位置しています。広州の有名な一徳路海味卸売市場、国際玩具城、オフィス文房具卸売城、アクセサリー卸売市場に隣接しています。ホテルの周辺にはビルが林立しています。木々や木陰などの施設が揃っています。オフィスビル、ホテル、スーパー、銀行、病院、カラオケ、バーはすべてそろっていて、お客様の生活に満足できます。
  • Guangzhou Baiyun International Airportからホテルまでの距離はどのくらいですか?

    Slowcom Gangrun East Asia Hotel Guangzhou 空港へ30.1km。

  • Slowcom Gangrun East Asia Hotel Guangzhouに空港シャトルバスのサービスはありますか?


  • Slowcom Gangrun East Asia Hotel Guangzhouのチェックイン時間とチェックアウト時間はいつですか?

    チェックイン時間:14:00以降, チェックアウト時間:12:00前です。

  • Slowcom Gangrun East Asia Hotel Guangzhouにプールとフィットネスはありますか?


  • Slowcom Gangrun East Asia Hotel Guangzhou の敷地内にレストランはありますか?


  • Slowcom Gangrun East Asia Hotel GuangzhouにはブロードバンドまたはWifiがありますか?


  • Slowcom Gangrun East Asia Hotel Guangzhouは前払いを受け入れますか?


  • Slowcom Gangrun East Asia Hotel Guangzhouはレジットカードでの決済を受け付けています?


  • Slowcom Gangrun East Asia Hotel Guangzhou朝食はいくらですか?

    朝食 CNY38/人。

  • Slowcom Gangrun East Asia Hotel Guangzhouの宿泊料金はいくらですか?


クチコミ 詳細
  • E00236235
    Generally, the geographical location is OK
  • befun21cn
    Not so good.
  • Nolan_Xiao
    it 's not bad
  • axiulan
    Yes, next to coffee
    The bed is too hard to live in.
  • pt12843026
    The attitude of the hotel staff was very good, but the breakfast was very average, very good overall
  • rabbe
    Haiqiang is as good as ever, but its appearance is too old
  • e00500824
    Good, good
  • loulou1978
    I booked the hotel room for my foreign guest friend. Because I arrived very late, I always kept the room for me when I called the front desk. Thank you very much. The guests are also very satisfied with the room. They will come to check in in the future. Thank you
  • Diablo
    It's a good location. It's very historic, but it's too old. The decoration is a little old.
  • bread312
    Pretty good
  • eveline
    It can't be more simple!
  • rubyrainapple
    Didn't take photos ~ it's too broken ~ I feel uncomfortable looking at it ~ the room is too small ~ the sound insulation is too poor ~ it's still KTV ~ I won't go again
  • gymee
    The location is OK, the sheets are too thin, and the air conditioner is turned off uniformly. It is said that the central air conditioner, the network is too poor, can't open a web page, can't work and send e-mail, and it's almost cold. Although it's not cold in Guangzhou now, it's still very cold at night. You feel that your sheets are wet. It's always necessary to turn on the air conditioner. It's more than 200, and the cost performance is too average
  • liangweidong715
    A very historic hotel, correspondingly, the facilities and decoration should be much older. Good location, very close to the old city, not far from the subway station, on the river~
  • e00190701
    The hotel has some wine, but it's very cheap
  • ntliuming
    It's a very old hotel. The facilities are really out of date. The musty smell in the room is unbearable.
  • cocoyang
    The hotel is by the river. You can take a walk by the river at night. The overall cost performance is very high. The disadvantage is that the bar next door is a little noisy and the facilities are a little old. Overall, it's pretty good
  • dayumao
    The waiters and the front desk are very good. I stayed here for three days. There is a bar next to it. Shopping is very convenient. In short, it's pretty good
    It's just next to the ballroom. It's too noisy
  • fengxi1122
    Overall, it's pretty good. If you go to Guangzhou Medical College, this hotel is a good choice.
  • sara0510
    Very old hotel, very old facilities, room has a musty smell, no parking lot.
  • e00043202
    The hotel is a big store and looks trustworthy. The room has no sunshine, the temperature is cool and the facilities are average. The location is very good
  • bucuoo
    It's an old hotel. It's average. There's not much surprise. The attitude of the floor service aunt is too general. Make do with it
  • fionawuyifei
    Not bad
  • weijina
    Nothing special, just convenient location!
  • bbcall338
    Yes, very good. I'll stay next time
  • rainbowtt
    It's terrible. Don't go to live
  • xy0505
  • e00071484
    not so bad
  • jafee
    Okay, okay, okay, okay
  • lilyying8
    Every time you go to Guangzhou, you must choose a hotel.
  • bigtwo
    Not bad
  • gina298
    The hotel is OK. It's just that the surrounding environment is a little messy.
  • lovejacy
    The room has complete facilities, which is a good choice.
  • dddddddddd
    Good choice!
  • jonebaten
    The hotel is located in the center of the city, with convenient transportation, quiet in the middle of trouble, and the room is very clean. The space is a little small. It happens that may day is the Canton Fair, so the price is very expensive
  • cj0416
    Although the hotel is relatively old, it is still very quiet. It is more cost-effective in the location of Changdi. I will still be willing to stay
  • ellen08star
    Because I have to live in wholesale, the price is expensive and not worth it. The room is very old. Not recommended.
  • JJ small
    The cost performance is good. It's really good not to ask too much.
  • BorisGuo
    The special room has no window... OK, the room is hygienic, but it is said on the Internet that the room is 25 square meters. After checking in, it is found that it is 11-12 square meters
  • guanjingjing81
    Not bad··
  • floda74
    The room this time is better than the first one, I'm satisfied
  • e01320105
    The decoration of the hotel is quite new, the environment is good, the attitude of the lady at the front desk is very good, the room is very large, the bathroom is relatively large and comfortable compared with other hotels, it is clean and tidy, the facilities are relatively complete, and it is also very quiet, but there is no socket at the head of the bed, which is very inconvenient, and it will be perfect if the price is cheaper
  • Andy Gong
    The equipment is old and the environment is noisy
  • linna827
    The sanitation is poor and the toilet can't be flushed; The room was upgraded to a deluxe room, but the decoration inside was very shabby. According to the introduction, it opened in 2011, but it feels like 2001. When I placed the order, I stressed to have a quiet room. As a result, the noise of the central air conditioner in the room was too loud and I couldn't sleep well all night, reaching 36 dB; Old equipment. The waiters were not professional at all. My order was for breakfast. I didn't check in at that time, but they didn't even talk about it. When I check out, I didn't say it. The overall feeling is bad. I won't choose this hotel next time.
  • datet
    Personally, I think the cost performance is OK, if the requirements are not high.
  • cai60
    It's big enough, but it's a little old, and you can't see the location from the window. The location is good, 200 yuan is not expensive;
  • bcd218n
    Not bad
  • popople
    The room is relatively small. The surrounding eating places, supermarkets and buses are very convenient.
  • brunod7604
    It's a good location. It's convenient today. It's available by subway and bus. Breakfast is too late. It starts at 7:30 and I check out early. I can't eat at all.
  • Little fish ~ ~
    The facilities are old
  • soonyoung
    Very close to the Pearl River, reasonable price, convenient transportation around
  • dentist-minmin
    I ordered it for others. According to my friend's feedback, it's good. Even if there's a bar next to it, the room is very quiet at night
  • esboy87
    One of the oldest hotels in Guangzhou, with old equipment and bad smell in the aisle. The room has no windows, the two air-conditioning ports are facing the head of the bed, and there is no anti-skid pad. Not suitable for children.
  • fioita
    The hotel is old and surrounded by KTV
  • e00706811
    The location is very good. On the edge of the Pearl River, there are commercial streets all around. The house has a long history, and the sanitary environment of the room matches the corresponding star level.
  • seajiale
    Cost effective Oh, for reference only
  • catsyye
    It is said that the first five-star red flag of Guangzhou's liberation was raised here. Although the facilities are old, they are still clean. Want to feel the breath of history friends can try!
  • E01250769
    The service was average, the environment was average, the hygiene was also average, the surrounding settings were good, and it was a little inconvenient to eat
  • jiangnan4941
    High cost performance
  • alanx172
    first. Good location. We have to praise this, but there are three deficiencies. I hope it can be improved. I hope the suggestions given to your hotel can be adopted! 1: On September 6, the two front desks had a very good attitude during the day, which made me feel very professional. However, the front desk at night was disgusting, and the attitude could only be described as bad. When the customer came, she sat and ignored you. Talking to her was like someone owed her millions. I really don't know whether she had menstruation in a single day. Or menopause comes early! I hope to improve the attitude of the front desk on the evening shift. This has made us feel uncomfortable. It's estimated that we won't live in the future! 2: The second small light in room 313 is broken and feels shaky. I hope to have a look and repair it! 3: Room 317329331328313325. 2-3 of the doorbells here are broken, and the telephone in room 328 is not very good. I hope it can be improved! The overall evaluation of the hotel is: 5 points for location and 5 points for sanitation. Only 3 points can be given for facilities due to small defects. The service is completely pulled down by the front desk of the evening shift. Just go to a small hotel. 1 point! The restaurant in the hotel is good. It's worth recommending. The landlady's attitude is very good. 10 points should be given!
  • cs0824
    It's a very nice hotel. It's Yide road when you go out. Marine market. Hotel in 1914.
  • nnnnnooo
    Good service attitude
  • liu_linfen